I would recommend Lawson & Reid to anyone I may come in contact with that needs assistance with a claim. They helped me settle my claim at a good settlement, and it was not a hassle.

A.B. 03/09/2018

It has been my great pleasure working with Lawson & Reid and Doug Dean in particular. They were always professional and completely on point with everything. Doug and his staff made sure that I understood the whole procedure and all aspects of the case. They answered any questions or concerns that I had no matter how trivial they sounded. I was amazed at how fast he got things moving and ultimately settled. I was told that the firm & Doug were some of "the" best at handling workers comp. cases and that certainly turned out to be true. Hats off to the whole team. GREAT JOB!

Bruce L. 12/13/2017

I love this firm. Mr. Dean and his team went above and beyond for us. Most importantly they were fast. I think my case is the fastest in history. They were knowledgeable and they took no mess. They did not back down. If you choose another firm you are wasting your time and investment in your future finances. They are the best.

B. M. 11/06/2017

The law office of Lawson & Reid, LLC I think was very helpful preparing me for my case. They kept me informed about the information that I needed to help with my case and sent all paper work to me. I was very happy with the work that this attorney and his team has done. Well pleased with the outcome.

S. D. 10/02/2017

Very pleased with service and results from Doug Dean and all of the staff. Everyone has been very nice, polite, and helpful. They made the process less difficult, and helped me and my family immensely. I would highly recommend Doug Dean and Lawson & Reid, LLC to anyone in need of any legal advice or services.

W. C. 09/27/2017